our pastor:

Chef “Pastor” Don Splain is a difficult man to describe.  Most people have jobs.  Some people are lucky enough to have a job they enjoy.  Chef “Pastor” Don has a calling.  His passion for Jesus Christ and hospitality goes beyond just serving the community and the preparing of excellent food.  For Don, all of life is enriched by walking the path that God has set before him, a path that glorifies God through worship and cooking. His reverence for food: growing it, harvesting it, preparing it, sharing it, and recognizing its importance in bringing believers and non-believers together to experience hospitality and grow in fellowship

Don Splain


Chef Church is all about engaging the world through Christian hospitality. It is about meeting the needs of Christians that often work in an industry void of the Christian walk. We here at Table Of Grace Church are actively pursuing followers of Jesus Christ in order to make His presents known in a otherwise desolate industry. 




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